Our Signature Sausages —


American Andouille

Medium spiced sausage seasoned in a southern American style. Contains braised pork and red wine.


Cherizo Verde

An interpretation of the regional Mexican specialty. Tomatatillos, smoked peppers & fresh cilantro.



North African inspired sausage made with FUGE’s Harissa paste.Contains no pork products. Uses Tangle Ridge Ranch lamb exclusively.




Beef Bratwurst.

Pure beef sausage with hints of allspice, caraway, and mustard. Contains no pork products.


Italian Fennel

A medium spiced sausage with toasted fennel seeds, Cabernet Sauvignon & Calabrese chili flakes.



Exclusive to OTTO. Inspired by the Dutch influence of the space. A smoked gouda bratwurst with caraway and fresh garlic. 



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